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Welcome to the Bertarelli Institute for Family Entrepreneurship (BIFE). Please share with us how you would like to engage with our global family entrepreneurship community. By sharing some information about your family's entrepreneurship and your interests, you will allow us to be able to reach out to you for networking and learning opportunities of interest to you. Thank you for taking the time to share this information with us!

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Student Information

Student Information

Please provide your phone number (including Country Code) for joining an IFE WhatsApp group. We will not share your phone number with 3rd parties. The purpose for the WhatsApp group is to communicate with our students about programming.

Programs and Courses
The Institute for Family Entrepreneurship (IFE) offers a range of programs and courses for students. Share your interests below and we will reach out to you about opportunities to participate in these programs. Please rank your areas of interest.  (Please note that not all activities will be available this year and some will have limited availability as we ramp up our programming.)


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Student Family Business

An Entrepreneurial Family is a family currently engaged in entrepreneurial activities. This would apply to students whose family:
  • Has a family business (of any size -- small or large) currently or in the past
  • Has a family office or investment arm 
  • Has a family foundation or not-for-profit 
  • Is planning a startup involving family members 
Everyone is welcome to join the IFE. We'd like to know if you come from an Entrepreneurial Family. If yes, we have additional questions below to help us match you with programs and connections

Family Business Information
Please share some information about your family business to help us identify programs and connections that may be of interest to you. 

Programs and Courses

Alumni, Family or Friend Information

Alumni, Family or Friend Information

Alumni, Family or Friend Business

Family Business or Entrepreneurial Activities

Alumni, Family or Friend Interests

Engagement Opportunities

Programs and Initiatives
The BIFE is continuously developing new programs and initiatives to meet the needs of our community of family entrepreneurs. Some are current and others are possible future programs that we may develop based your interest.


Thank you joining the IFE's global network of family entrepreneurs!

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Thank you for joining the IFE's Global Family Network of Family Entrepreneurs! 

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